Budget Cuts, Midd. North Duo Commits, Recruiting Updates and More

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Some more depressing news on the heels of yesterday in that the teaching jobs of Marlboro head coach Derek Sininsky and Colts Neck head coach Greg LaCava could be in jeopardy because of the recent budget cuts. Both are nontenured teachers. Click here for more on that.

Not having tenure as a teacher right now in a district whose budget just got voted down is a very precarious position to be in, that’s for sure. I think of someone like Brick head football coach Patrick Dowling, who is a nontenured special education teacher at Brick who just came over from Allentown last year, as everyone knows, under a cloud of controversy because he was not wanted by former head coach Warren Wolf, Brick’s only coach in its illustrious history up to that point, and Wolf’s supporters because he did not have Brick ties. Now Wolf has been elected to the Brick Board of Education after deciding to run this year. I would assume he did that in order to nudge Dowling out the door and get “a Brick boy” into the job, so Dowling is an awfully tough spot.

If Dowling is not re-approved by the Board as the football coach for any reason for next season, it will be pretty transparent why that happened. I also wonder if Wolf, who was approved as Lakewood’s head coach during the offseason, would return to Brick and leave Lakewood hanging, or just slide one of his former assistants in as the new Brick coach. However, if Dowling becomes a casualty of the budget cuts because he is nontenured, it almost saves Wolf and his supporters from having to get their hands dirty if their intention was to have a coach with Brick ties installed and Dowling ousted. Wolf didn’t like the decisions of the powers-that-be when he retired and then tried to rescind his retirement when Dowling was brought in, so he decided to become one of the powers-that-be to right the situation, I would think. Should be an interesting few months in Brick.

One thing that I have learned with all these budget cuts and proposed teacher layoffs is that it’s becoming important now more than ever to develop future coaches from within. The greatest commodity to have right now is an up-and-coming, young assistant waiting in the wings, who works at the school and has tenure, to take over for a veteran head coach when that coach decides to move on. It’s going to be so hard for many districts to bring in coaches from the outside because there won’t be many job openings to slide them into and no new positions will be created, plus coaches who have tenure at their current schools will be nervous to leave and become nontenured somewhere else because they don’t want to get caught up in the next wave of layoffs. Either that or schools will have to soften their policy of having head coaches work in their building and deal with the fact that a coach works somewhere else and commutes to practice after school.

OK, now on to more uplifting news. Middletown North senior running back Sean McKee, a 1,000-yard rusher in the fall, will continue his career at Kean University. His Lions’ teammate, senior defensive back Nick Dura, is headed to FDU-Florham. Also, click here for some more college commitments in case you missed them.

Also, Middletown North junior tight end Shilique Calhoun now boasts offers from Rutgers, Syracuse and most recently, Boston College, according to head coach Joe Trezza. He has taken visits to Boston College and Rutgers and is expected to be offered by another Big East program shortly.

“He was very impressed with both schools that he visited,” Trezza wrote in an e-mail about the trips to BC and Rutgers.

It looks to be a big year for tight ends in 2010 as Red Bank Catholic junior Jack Tabb has now added an offer from Maryland to his offer from Rutgers, according to RBC coach Jim Portela. There are also more schools on the way next week who also may be extending scholarship offers.

As previously reported, Long Branch junior quarterback/defensive back Miles Shuler is up to 11 Division I offers, according to Green Wave coach Dan George. His current top three are Northwestern, Rutgers and Pittsburgh.

Raritan junior offensive lineman Shane Mertz has been offered by Duke and is taking a visit to Harvard this weekend, according to Rockets coach Bob Generelli.

I’ll post other updates as I get them, and any coaches with college commitments, please e-mail me at stump@allshoremedia.com.


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