Matawan Trio, Pinelands’ Schwarzenberger Generating D-I Interest and More

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While Red Bank Catholic tight end Jack Tabb has seemingly burst on the scene as a Division I-A prospect, there is another player out there who is on the radar of some major schools that people may not know about. Pinelands junior linebacker/fullback  Bobby Schwarzenberger, a 6-foot-3, 220-pounder who runs a 4.6 40, has had coaches from North Carolina, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Temple and West Virginia in contact, according to Wildcats head coach Sean DeRosa. Schwarzenberger was an All-National Division selection by the coaches as a linebacker this past fall.

I can’t remember the last time Pinelands had a Division I-A recruit, if it has ever happened. Lineman Tim Lamezec (Marist), former running back Vemba Bukula (Hofstra) and former defensive back Brian Appleby (Univ. of Pennsylvania) are the most high-profile Pinelands recruits I can think of in recent memory, but maybe there is someone I’m forgetting. Still, add Schwarzenberger to a loaded Class of 2011 in the Shore Conference that could produce double-digit Division I-A recruits, potentially the biggest haul in the history of the conference.

Three more members of that stacked class – Matawan junior quarterback/defensive back Jared Allison and running back/defensive back McArthur Underwood, a pair of All Shore Media first-teamers from Matawan’s Central Jersey Group II champs, along with junior linebacker prospect Andre Hodge, have attracted plenty of attention, according to Huskies coach Joe Martucci.

Penn State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Rutgers, Virginia, Boston College, UConn, Bryant University, Stony Brook, and New Hampshire have all either been in touch with Martucci or at the school to visit in person to look at one or several members of the trio. Allison and Hodge in particular have received plenty of interest, while Underwood could possibly go the junior college route for a season, according to Martucci. No colleges have officially offered scholarships to any of them yet.

Finally, in one other tidbit, it was a great 17th birthday on Thursday for Raritan junior offensive lineman Christian Marchena, who was offered a scholarship by Albany, a top program in the Northeast Conference. That means the Rockets will have two lineman playing at the Division I-AA or I-A level, as fellow junior offensive lineman Shane Mertz has six Division I-A offers already.


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6 Responses to “Matawan Trio, Pinelands’ Schwarzenberger Generating D-I Interest and More”

  1. DJ Cassaro Says:

    Stump, I love ya. but please…Allison And Hodge getting looked at by Penn State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Rutgers, Virginia, Boston College, UConn. Allison is a D 3 kid because of his size. You can’t write everthing people say..Every kid gets recruiting form letters from these schools. Bryant and stony brook visited every shore conf school.If we are going to hear about the matawan trio all year , i’m boycotting all shore media.

    • allshoremedia Says:

      DJ, I was just reporting what their head coach told me. Feel free to call Joe Martucci on the phone and call him a liar. – Scott Stump.

    • allshoremedia Says:

      Also, if you are worried about reading about those three Matawan kids, you may have to bury your head in the sand and not read All Shore Media, the APP, the Star-Ledger or anyone else who covers football in the fall.

      • DJ Cassaro Says:

        Stump, I’m a huge fan. all I read is All Shore Media. I’m only saying is that we’ve been hearing about the matawan guys for three years. I played Div 1 ball. They are real good hs players but the media has built them up into some kind of superheros. they are 5’6 and 5’7. they are not playing college ball. I’m a RBC fan. you want to write about D 1 talent talk to HC Portela at RBC. They have plenty(and i’m not talking Tabb)

      • williebabes Says:

        DJ Cassaro Says ? lol who is DJ Cassaro ? stop hiding behind the DJ d-1 player ha? well what’s your name ? lets put it out there so we can all see if you are who you say you are? lol how low attacking high school talent who you wish you were half the caliber.”All Shore Media, the APP, the Star-Ledger or anyone else who covers football in the fall” we guess they are all liars ha? lol we challenge you to put your d-1 credibility on the line and tell us who you really are? what’s your name? we doubt you will come out therefore you stand corrected just another guy with story-book dreams living his life through the talent of true high school football stars.MR stump you’re truly appreciated out here and we honor and respect your work and credibility so please don’t waste your time on this lost hero your research and commentary is 100 % on point and we love you for that and 4 the record ” im nobody’s fan” “It called telling the truth” The shore is loaded and Jared Allison,Mc Arthur Underwood,Bobby Schwarzenberger, Andre Hodge are just a few of a host of other players are well on their way. HC Portela great kid good luck son your well on your way. Shore football is way ahead of the curb.What a disgrace to the sport …………I’m from the show me state personal Opinions don’t matter ” Action is Satisfaction ” ! lol BUM

  2. Bobby schwarzenberger Says:

    Im happy just to be consider a prospect thanks guys : )

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