A Tough Week for the Shore Community

Posted by Scott Stump – http://twitter.com/Scott_Stump

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I went away for two days to take in Game Three of the NBA Finals only to come back to some brutal news. My condolences to the Castellano family, as former Jackson Memorial linebacker Marc Castellano died from injuries suffered when he was hit by a car on I-195 while on the job as a New Jersey State Trooper, leaving behind a wife and two young children.

Just awful to hear, as Castellano was the older brother of former Jaguars star running back/linebacker Nick Castellano, the centerpiece of the Jaguars’ consecutive state championship teams in 2000 and 2001. Marc played when I was still in college, so I didn’t cover him in high school, but that is just some really tough news and my prayers go out to that family. It’s been a rugged offseason between losing former Keyport running back Aaron Lee, who died at 19 years old down in Georgia, and now Castellano. He also is the second former Shore Conference football star to endure a catastrophic event while working as a state trooper as former Manchester star Brian Malast, the older brother of former Rutgers standout linebacker Kevin Malast, suffered serious, life-altering injuries in a car crash while on the job in 2005.

Also, this week we lost one of the great writers from our area, my former Asbury Park Press colleague, Bill Handleman, who died at 62 years old on Wednesday from kidney cancer. When I first came into this business, Handleman was an award-winning writer who I greatly respected and he often took time to talk to me about some of my work and offer me some advice, which I will never forget. His grumbling and rants were legendary, but he was funny when he did it. Bill was the ultimate “don’t let those bastards get you down” kind of guy, and someone I greatly respected.

He always found a way to get to the heart of a subject, and his writing was simple but eloquent. He could say more in 10 words than most writers trying to show off could say in 100. He will be greatly missed, but definitely not forgotten.


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