Preseason Camp Previews/Gone Honeymoonin’, Back Aug. 15

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I have previews of every division and what to watch for each team when the camps start up in a little while in August. Check the football home page to see those. I figured I would give everybody something to read while I am gone.

Well, Miss All Shore Media will become Mrs. All Shore Media on Friday, and then I am going on my honeymoon and will be back Aug. 15, so there won’t be any posts between now and then. I have been told that if I bring my computer to Hawaii, it will be immediately tossed into the Pacific Ocean and followed shortly by divorce papers, so at best, I would check the Twitter link above for any quick news items that I may forward along if I actually leave my phone on.


One Response to “Preseason Camp Previews/Gone Honeymoonin’, Back Aug. 15”

  1. The Bunge Family Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!Have a great time in Hawaii!!!

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