Ron Signorino Jr. Approved as New TR South Coach

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Got off the plane from my 4-day trip to California last night and in between the 8 million basketball-related texts, there was one saying that it became official on Tuesday night that former Monsignor Donovan assistant Ron Signorino Jr. was officially approved as the new Toms River South head coach by the Board of Education, which was first reported by The Asbury Park Press.

As we all know, his father, Ron Signorino Sr., is a member of the Shore Football Coaches Foundation Hall of Fame and a legend at Toms River South from his two stints as head coach between 1964-2000. Signorino Jr. had a successful tenure as offensive coordinator at Toms River South under his father, then Toms River East and finally at Monsignor Donovan. He turned the Griffins from a low-scoring team to one of the best statistical offenses in the Shore in the past few seasons by installing the triple option.

Offense was a major Achilles’ heel for the Indians under former coach Bill Hill Sr., who was not rehired after the team went winless for the first time since 1963 and the first time ever since the school became Toms River South (it was formerly just Toms River High School before the other high schools were created). The Indians averaged 9.2 points per game last season and only scored more than 14 in one game, a 28-22 loss to Lakewood on Thanksgiving.

Perhaps Signorino Jr.’s biggest challenge is creating renewed enthusiasm in a program that has been far behind its counterparts at Toms River North and Toms River East in recent seasons. According to the APP, he is bringing his father and former TRS star quarterback Matt Martin with him on his staff, so I’m sure a big emphasis will be a return to the Indians’ proud tradition. He also will look to beef up the participation numbers and maybe get some of the good multi-sport athletes in the school to come out for football. In talking to some of those athletes in past seasons, they indicated that they considered playing football but did not do it for various reasons, so maybe they can be excited to join a program looking to reclaim its place in the spotlight.

Toms River South has always had some of the best fan support in the Shore through good times and bad, so I don’t think it will take much to really get that base enthusiastic again. It’s more about getting results on the field. Given the fact that Signorino Jr. complemented the leadership of Dan Duddy and helped make Monsignor Donovan a respected team and one that could put big numbers on people on offense, the ingredients are certainly there for him to get this ship righted quickly while competing in the tough Class A South.

One game that will definitely be fun is the annual game with Toms River East. A few years back, Signorino Jr. and current Toms River East head coach Charlie Diskin were the two main candidates for the job. Diskin got the job, and Signorino left Toms River East to coach elsewhere.

Signorino Jr. is also someone who has endured tough times and persevered as he had one of his kidneys removed in the past year because of kidney cancer and has made a full recovery.

I think he will have this team being one that will not be an easy win in a hurry, and he seems to have all the qualifications of the type of coach Toms River would want – he has deep Toms River ties, he has been part of successful staffs, he is the son of a Toms River legend, and his units have been productive with him as a coordinator. Good luck to him.

His hiring now leaves openings at Neptune, St. John Vianney and Point Beach.



4 Responses to “Ron Signorino Jr. Approved as New TR South Coach”

  1. ME Says:

    I know alot of TRS fans and alumni are happy to hear that the Signorino Era will resume in 2011. His father built this program into a Shore power. Teams feared coming to the Hunting Grounds on a Friday Night.
    There is no question that there is plenty of athletic talent/speed walking the hallways of TRS. It will be fun to watch Sig Jr implement the Triple Option offense (which TRS had a ton of success with back in the late 90’s/early 2000s with) The BlueChippers and Warlords are back at TRS!

  2. s frederiksen Says:

    GL Jr. and staff. It has been tough watching the Indians the past several years. The kids deserve the best coaching that they can get. I think they have that now.

  3. give it up Says:

    more crap he’s their for his nephew who amounted to nothing who’s the qb 0 and 2 maybe fred hill should come back looking like nepitisium to me

  4. mike Says:

    poor person!!!! obvious that u are a bitter person with many issues. Most likely family broken and with a negative personality as well that nobody really wants around. Always wanting others to fail because nobody helped you growing up! Blah, blah blah!!! sad little man!!

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