John Kaye Approved as New Matawan Head Coach

Former assistant John Kaye was approved as Joe Martucci’s successor at Matawan Monday night. Click here for the full story.


3 Responses to “John Kaye Approved as New Matawan Head Coach”

  1. tbear Says:

    Coach Martucci’s record is 197-81-1 not 97 losses. the uuskies have won 9 conf. titles under his guidance, and he has been the head coach for 28 yrs not 27, Coach Kaye will do a very good job as his replacement having learned the game and the history of Matawn under Joe and Sam Turner

  2. Joe Marpoochie Says:

    Don’t even mention Martucci’s name in the same sentence as Vic Kubu. Martucci has had more talent than Vic Kubu had nearly every year until his last year and Kubu won 11 State Titles (1 at Middletown North and 10 at Manasquan). Head to head Kubu absolutely owned Martcucci. Kubu was a better coach for his players both on the field and off the field. He oozed out every ounce of potential from his players and had them playing to the best of their ability. Kubu preached class on and off the field. Martucci made more headlines for what his players did off the field as much as off the field.

    Martucci couldn’t beat Kubu’s Manasquan teams. When Kubu left Matawan entered with 2 extremely talented classes and yet could still not get that 12-0 season he’s strived for. He beat a flawed Manasquan 2009 team in the State Finals with players like Jared Allison, MacArthur Underwood, and Keith Beaty that could make any coach look good. The next year he went down to the wire and was a few close calls from losing to a Manasquan team with hardly any talent, only heart. Then with the most talented team in the Shore Conference that had annointed themselves kings before the season had even began Martucci lost to an inferior Rumson team that he had already put a beating on. Sure the next year they returned the favor but as RBC proved the week before the 2011 Rumson team was flawed. 2011 was a down year in CJ Group 2 and Martucci rode Larry Alston III to a State Title in an ugly 3-0 win in the best season he ever coached.

    The differences between Vic Kubu and Joe Martucci: Vic Kubu will be remembered as a living legend that players would run through the Great Wall for. Joe Martucci was a good football coach that his own players could not stand. Vic Kubu left Manasquan due to cancer and the field bears his name to this day. Joe Martucci left Matawan in a scandal that embarrassed his name, his players, and his school.

    As for John Kaye, I wish him good luck. He seems like a good guy but he’ll have to prove himself as a coach. Cahill proved instantly that Manasquan could still play with Kubu gone when he won a State Championship in 2008. Kaye should be able to follow in Martucci’s footsteps since they are not very big. But why follow in the footsteps of an underachiever that’s known more for scandals than for the values he instilled in his players? Ask any former Matawan player about Martucci and more than half will have negative responses about their former coach. Ask any former Manasquan player and not one of them will have a bad word to say about Vic Kubu.

  3. Strong Side Says:

    Sour grapes from a disgruntled Manasquan fan. How would you know the first thing about the Matawan football program? Matawan owns Manasquan now, and has the pipeline to continue to do so. Sounds like its personal between you and Martucci. I suggest you take that up with him rather than spewing crap, that Rumson 2011 was a “flawed” football team, (better than 2010 squad) but, instead,ran into a NJ top 15 team in RBC.; that Martucci left in scandal. Well, if winning a CJ2 without 5 starters and injured Cassius Williams, whipping Manasquan in semis, is leaving in scandal, then your defintion of scandal is different than mine. Yeah, some kids displayed poor behavoir, punished accordingly, yet Martucci, staff and his players stayed the course and pulled off an upset as shocking as what happened the year before.Even Vic Kubu would admire and respect that accomplishment. Vic would not come down on a coach that has produced more NFL talent than any program in the shore, would he?

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